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Really Tea and FRESHOOLONGSTORE Signature Tea


FRESHOOLONGSTORE only sells “Really Tea”. Our teas are made from the right variety of tea plant, and are grown in the right region. This means our Long Jing is really grown and processed in Westlake, Hangzhou, our Phoenix Mountain Oolong comes straight from Phoenix Mountain, and our A Li Shan is grown high up on A Li Shan Mountain in Taiwan. Our teas are always processed using traditional, time-honored techniques using superior standards for quality and consistency. Because our teas come from their native environment, we can grow them in the most natural, chemical-free way. In fact our teas pass the strictest standards for chemical additives.

Lu Yu, the great Tea Master from China’s Tung dynasty, once said, “one must guard oneself from plucking tea out of season, from manufacturing that does not catch its essence, or incorrectly adulterating it with plants or herbs. Drinking tea under those conditions can only lead to illness.” We at FRESHOOLONGSTORE feel that this is even truer today, where teas are often scented or blended to mask their impurities or disguise their origins. We take the quality of our teas very seriously and we taste and enjoy every tea we sell.

All of our teas are cultivated and processed to our exact standards for quality and cleanliness. We value the quality of tea and quality of life, and we feel these go hand-in-hand.

FRESHOOLONGSTORE’s teas are “Really Teas” grown in the right region, from the right variety, processed traditionally, free of chemicals, and they taste great too.



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